Design is my main practice, and has been for the last two years. For me, book design is both collaboration and response; with and too and artist and their work. This is my preferred way to work, together, to come to a conclusion which has exhausted all possibilies.

My photographic work is borne out of intuition and an appreciation for the physical world. Often, my imagery focuses on the potential of the unnoticed, and what we choose to ignore; either unconsciously or willingly. Usually this is explored through long-form series’ of imagery; which often focus on a single person or place.

Currently I am making photographs about immigration detention centres in the UK.


I hope this website can serve as a complete archive of my work, but also a learning resource for anyone who may need it.

Which is why I have included all the material and technical specifications of all the books I have made. As well as images of every page of every book, as I appreciate art books are expensive and can be inaccessible.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me and I will help any way I can, if I can.


Artists (A-Z)*

Alison McCauley
Jake Michaels
Jill Freedman (The estate of)
Joshua K. Jackson
Josh Edgoose
Niall McDairmid
Martin Amis
Matt Stuart
Martin Salter

Publishers (A-Z)*

Besides Press (founded by myself & 3 others)
Photo Editions Ltd
Plague Press
Setanta Books


BA Hons Photography
University of West england (UWE)
First Class Honours

Workshops & Teaching

UWE 1st Year Module Launch - Perfomance in the City (2022)
Besides Press Workshop at BOOM - Gesture and Expression (Forthcoming 2022)*

Redeye - It's Your Business: Print and Publishing, Books and Zines (Forthcoming 2022*)


Photobooks of 2021 selection for Photobookstore