Reconstructed Nature by Luke & Nik

Presenting a collection of new and unseen photography works, Reconstructed Nature: The Collaborative Process celebrates years of synergy and exchange between Luke & Nik. Venturing into their respective landscapes in Denmark and in the UK, they comb, gather, reflect, and ramble. Picture by picture, piece by piece, they continue to evolve and reinterpret nature as a duo, progressing in ever-new ways.

This book is designed to be destroyed. Each french fold page is perforated and must be torn open to reveal more information about the making of the images. Encouraging the viewer to actively particpate and collaborate with the form of the book, shedding any expection of books as precious objects. It then becomes akin to an exercise book, forcing you to break it open to revel and learn more from it.
Year: 2024
Pubisher: Self Published
Text: Ellen Miles
Printer: Pure Print,UK
Printing: Digital CMYK
Binding: French Fold Softcover with perforated Edges
Size: 265x210mm
Pages: 240
Images: 400+
Paper: Bond Paper - 100gsm
Font: Neue Haas Grostek, L&N & PLAY

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