The Island - Robert Darch (Coming Soon)

Darch explores anxiety and melancholy in the UK as it faces up to an uncertain future
On 23 June 2016, the UK’s electorate voted to leave the European Union. For Robert Darch, the morning after remains etched in the memory. “I woke up feeling this overwhelming sense of heaviness, and the sadness that we’d lost something,” he recounts. “It felt like a tipping point into the surreality that was to follow.” The Exeter-based photographer is no stranger to the hinterlands between fact and fiction. The Moor, published as a book in 2018, transformed the swampy mires and stark tors of Dartmoor into a dystopian vision of the near future. Darch’s ongoing project, Durlescombe, meanwhile, assembles new and unearthed photography, illustrations and images from his own family history to trace a fictitious Devon village through the seasons.

Year: 2022
Pubisher: Lido
Printer: MAS Matbaa

Available here soon.