Black Country - Bruce Gilden

Black Country was made by Gilden in 2013 whilst on commission for Multi-Story projects. During his three week stay Gilden documented overlooked people, factories and homes in the Midlands in order to unveil and study the changing landscape of post-industrialised Britain.

Gilden focused on the neglected and marginalised communities; his goal was to shine a light not only on people who are often ignored in day to day society, but also on the trades and ideals that are slowly fading into history in the UK.

The design of his new monograph directly draws upon the themes which Gilden investigated whilst producing the work. Bound using stainless steel screws to appear like a factory manual, the book is presented in a beautiful cover printed with silver on black paper, just like those worn doors found in real-life warehouses and factories; inside, instead of machinery, a series of large scale saturated images grab your attention, forcing you to pay full attention to the subjects.  

Year: 2022
Pubisher: Setanta Books
Printer: MAS Matbaa
Printing: CMYK + Varnish
Cover Printing: S+CMYK
Size: 238x317mm
Pages: 106
Images: 57
Paper: Arctic Volume High White 150gsm + Sirio Ultra Black 380gsm
Special Edition: Stainless steel cover + black silkscreen
Binding: Post Bound
Font: Prestige Elite

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