Who We Are 200

Made possible thanks to first grant given by Obscura via PaisanoDAO, which has funded 100 photographers, $1000 each to create a body of work that tells the story of the new creators, collectors, and builders of the web3 metaverse.

WHO WE ARE is the first grant given by Obscura via PaisanoDAO, distributing $100,000 to 100 photographers across the globe.

The aim of WHO WE ARE is to document humans who are participating, building, and creating in Web3 and the NFT space in 2021, the year NFTs took the world by storm. The project has encompassed 33 countries and over 175 people so far, and will be ongoing, continuing perpetually with Obscura as it grows over time.

WHO WE ARE 200 is the first chapter, capped at 200 photos.

Year: 2022
Pubisher: Setanta Books & Los Sumergidos
Printer: MAS Matbaa
Printing: CMYK + Varnish (cover & internal pages)
Size: 240x282mm
Pages: 824
Images: 200
Paper: Gardapat Kiara 135gsm + 350gsm
Font: Neue Haas Grostek