Tom is a designer and publisher based in London, UK.

For him, book design is both collaboration and response: working together with artists to make a publication relies upon exhausting all possibilities in order to arrive at a best possible final form for the work to exist in.

Currently he is head of publishing and chief designer at Bluecoat Press, which is a London based publisher that specialises in making photo-books.

In 2020 he co-founded Besides Press, a photobook publishing company which celebrates projects created with an impulsive curiosity, without deliberation and often without an audience in mind. This includes spontaneous side projects, playful collaborations, and offbeat experiments.

His photographic work is borne out of intuition and instinct as well as an acute appreciation for the physical world. His imagery often focuses on the potential of the unnoticed, and what we choose to ignore; either unconsciously or willingly. He explores this through series of images; which often focus on a single person, place or moment in time.


BA Hons Photography
University of West england (UWE)
First Class Honours

Workshops & Teaching

(2022) UWE 1st Year Module Launch
- Perfomance in the City
(2022) Besides Press Workshop at BOOM
- Gesture and Expression

(2022) Redeye
- It's Your Business: Print and Publishing, Books and Zines


Photobooks of 2021 selection for Photobookstore


This website’s purpose is to be a complete archive of Tom’s work, but also a learning resource for anyone who may need it.

All the material and technical specifications of the books are available, as well as images of every page of every book. If you have any technical questions or queries please get in touch.